4 Magical Attractions Of Your North And South India Tour

God must have used a special brush when he began to paint India in his global canvas. The country is not just a fascinating place for nature lovers, but is indeed a massive area flooded with reptiles, tigers and birds. The presence of Himalayas in the north and oceans in the south makes India a traveller's delight. With a North India South India tour, one can cover a number of places in a few days.Wisata Lombok

Unfortunately, the sheer size and scope of the country may not allow you to explore it in its entirety (unless you plan to spend a month here). Nevertheless, here are four of the many magical attractions that the land conjures up for you:

1] Taj Mahal: The number one singular attraction in the country is Taj Mahal. It is, simply put, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and, therefore, un-miss-able destination. Its alluring profile, the colossal domes and the lingering ghostly feel around it are the reasons why one may feel completely out of Earth at this place. With Mumbai Taj Mahal tour and similar travel packages, you can get yourself clicked before the Mughal-made monument. Do hire a travel guide so that he/she may acquaint you with the fascinating story behind its creation. Mumbai Agra tour also serves as the gateway to Yamuna River, Fatehpur Sikri (an abandoned historic city) and Agra Fort alongside a bevy of gardens and archaic buildings.

2] Red Fort: Red Fort is the historic and politically charged red-brick monument that sits in a surly manner at Delhi. The site gives you a peek into the country's turbulent past and an all India tour guide may just fill you up with enthralling information about its construction and its role during current period. In addition, the city is a booming place with a cosmopolitan population and a super-fast culture. Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Lotus Temple and a bouquet of other temples and monuments sum up the city for you.

3] Alleppey: Alleppey in Kerala is the Venice of India. The only difference is that it is much more natural in its charm and soulful in its appeal. The host of serene lagoons, lakes and canals lend it a look straight from fancy tales. Boat rides are a must-do activity here and if you're lucky you may just witness the brilliant Snake Boat ride held annually. The 19th century Alappuzha Lighthouse adds a tinge of old world-ism to this destination. The state, on the whole, is noted for its natural grandeur as well as for its traditional Ayurvedic practises. Those looking to reconnect with nature find a reprieve here. So do those who wish to gain from meditation and Ayurveda. Kovalam and Munnar are not too far away. They provide another dose of balm to the body that has seen too much of urban chaos and is yearning for a touch of nature.Wisata Banyuwangi

4] Thar Desert: Why not head to Rajasthan and sail away to Thar Desert at Jaisalmer? The sand dunes and emerging adventure activities have turned it into a hot spot destination (both literally and figuratively). With North and South India tour package, you can plan a Golden Triangle holiday for a more fulfilling experience.


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