13 December 2013

Typical Morning Scene: and a reminder about rude comments

Anna's 1st wardrobe change for the day, and a little furniture re-arranging by Margo - a girl after my own heart. Who doesn't love moving their furniture around? 


And by the way, my kids are a mixed bag. I'm English, Italian, and Irish. My husband is Polish, Irish, German, and Croatian. All four of my girls have dark bags under their eyes. It's more noticeable in the winter than summer, if their allergies are bothering them, if they're tired obviously, but they always have it to a point. I can't tell you how many times a perfect stranger has said to me "aww, she looks sick". That's like me saying "aww, you look tired", "aww, you look stressed out", "aww, you look old". These statements are reserved for your inner circle; the people who really know your children. The people who can genuinely tell when they're feeling sick, or tired.

Obviously I'm biased, but I kind of like this trait on them. I feel like it makes them look more Eastern European, which may sound stupid, but that's what I think of. If you marry someone with a different background from you, it's fun seeing those affects in your children. Anyway, I brought one of the twins in for a check up the other day and the nurse looked at Margo and said "aww, she looks sick". I just smiled. I'm going to start responding with, "she's not sick, she's Polish...and maybe a little tired from being awesome all day".

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Janelle Hrycik said...

The look of absolute admiration and love on Margo's face in that first picture...priceless!

claire - this little house said...

oh i hear you there. my son, caleb always keeps a cough after each cold for about a month. i've been the doctors and been assured it's perfectly normal, but my goodness do strangers like to comment on it. Telling me what a bad cough it is, or with a cough like that they should be indoors, ah poor wee guy is unwell. at first it didn't bother me but now it's just getting old!! i think your kids look adorable, such pretty eyes, obviously runs in the family, oh and i agree being awesome is very tiring ;)


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious to me because I, too, have the dark circles under my eyes that are more or less related to allergies. I know I piled on the concealer as a teen, but as an adult I don't think about it much. However, when I visited the UK and Europe, I was asked several times if I was Eastern European! I'm actually a mishmash of Irish and English, to the best of my knowledge, and didn't understand what people were seeing to make them think that. Now I've got an idea...

Ashley Elizabeth said...

I have incredibly fair skin and always have dark bags under my eyes. My husband is half Chinese and our daughter has light skin, dark dark hair, blue eyes and... the dark circles under her eyes like me. People have made those comments to me to. Keep em to yourself people! haha. Your littles are absolutely adorable.

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