18 December 2013


I'm typing on my husband's laptop, because mine is in the shop. The keyboard is just different enough that I feel like I'm in sixth grade again, trying to get through computer class. I kind of like the break I'm being forced to take for a few days, but also having major MAC withdrawals.


My twins are going to be 11 this year, which isn't much of a change from 10 in terms of permissions or lifestyle, but we are at the point of discussion. For me ten/eleven is too young for make up, but it's not too young to start learning about grooming habits. And while I don't want them to feel pressure to look pretty all the time, being a girl comes with a few necessary evils. Despite them showing interest here and there in these things, I get push back when I try to establish a night time routine, or encourage certain habits that will be more important as they enter their teen years, like face washing and a good lip balm. I started getting really frustrated, determined not to put too much emphasis on appearance, but just enough that they take good care of themselves and make a reasonable effort to look put together when they go to school or other activities.

I'm mom, and therefor have no idea how any of this works, according to them. I'm uncool at the ripe old age of 31, which is the only thing that motivated me to exercise yesterday I'm embarrassed to admit. I don't have any younger sisters, or friends with older daughters to assure them that I know what I'm talking about, and there's a surprising lack of female role models in the media. But there is this girl...

She's a teenage girl named Meredith, and she makes YouTube videos about her beauty products, hair habits, diet, exercise, room decor, Halloween costumes, you name it. She's not using expensive products, her snacks are healthy, her room is age appropriate, and so are her clothes. She's adorable! And her videos are total eye candy for little tween girls. I watched the above video with the twins last night, and pointed out that the shampoo, face wash, lotion, and snacks are all the same stuff I buy for them. They acted unimpressed, but took the iPad up to their room and watched two more of her videos. When I put them to bed they had written out their own night time routine, and asked that I wake them up 10 minutes earlier in the morning so that they have time to do their hair and wash their face. SUCCESS! All they needed was someone they could relate to. They complained that she has an iPhone and Instagram and blah blah blah, which is typical from them lately, but after a brief reminder that I don't give a hoot what iPRODUCT other kids have, we refocused on the basic premise of the video...and they ran off to brush out their hair <3

This is her YouTube channel for those of you with growing girls who want to check her out.


KelseyB said...

You are an amazing mom! You just get it, even is you are learning as you go. I have young kids yes…but I think about these things because I had a mom who worked all the time and i was kind of left to figure things out on my own. I do not want my daughter to do it that way, even though I know she will think I have no idea what I am talking about. But I think this is genius!

Jessica Orlowicz said...

Thanks Kelsey, my tween/teen years were the same way...on my own when it came to these things and I swear I'm still learning. I don't want the girls to have to do that ;)

MJ Rojas said...

I am currently obsessed with stilababe09 so thanks so much for the recommendation!! I'm 25, she's 19 and I still think her channel is pretty cool, great advices and she seems like a sweet kid, so why not?!


Jessica Orlowicz said...

I know, isn't she cute? So practical too :)

Cathy said...

I love this, thanks for the advice. I like to read about how you deal with your older girls because I'm the only one of my friends with an older girl. Although she's only 8, it's good to know what's coming.

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