19 December 2013

Princesses and Vaccinations [This is a rant. It's long. You've been warned]

Let me set the scene: I just sat down to enjoy my coffee this morning, although I've been up for 3 hours. Margo just went down for her 45 minute morning nap, after waking 4 times last night. She's eating all night, and I know it's a growth spurt, so I'm not worried...just tired. Bella is upstairs working on her homework, home sick with the chicken pox of all things, and Anna is yelling at me from the living room because her truck, this thing...

...is stuck. But it's not really stuck, she just wants me to push her when the terrain gets more challenging i.e. carpet. I'm not pushing her. I bought her a vehicle with four wheel drive and rugged all-terrain wheels specifically so that I wouldn't have to push her. I chose a vehicle with trunk space so that I wouldn't have to find a new purse for her every five minutes to carry her ever-growing collection of make-up brushes, kitchen utensils, and clean clothes that don't belong to her. I justified the extra cost of this model to my husband, because in my infinite mommy wisdom I saw this happening. Still I'm sitting here listening to her say "Mom, I'm stuck. Mom push me. Mom my legs are too princess for this." Yes, she went there.

I have a meeting at the school on Friday, because...well I won't go into why right now, suffice to say this is our first tour with challenges in this area and I'm not cut out for it. Bella missing 8 days of school wasn't cool considering these challenges, and the fact that I had to hear about the poor unvaccinated children when my vaccinated child came down with the chicken pox was almost funny. The Dr. said, "we've had an outbreak of chicken pox here lately, primarily because of a large group of anti-vaccine families in the area". So one of your unvaccinated friends passed around a preventable disease, and now your other unvaccinated friend is annoyed that my vaccinated daughter caught it and could've shared it in the school before we knew she had it? Excuse me while I go kick myself in the face. And FYI, before you say "but look it didn't work anyway la la la", she got a very mild case and my other vaccinated children didn't get it despite living in close quarters with her, so yes...it does work.

Anyway, I'm sitting here looking at our Christmas tree and thinking about our meals for the holiday, the huge grocery trip I have to make tomorrow, the baking I still need to do, the stocking stuffers I need to buy, and the wrapping I haven't started. Then my mind wandered to a few years ago when I tried to get all Pinterest-y with my wrapping.

< Not my gifts

Attempting this resulted in the Sailor and I up at midnight on Christmas Eve, scribbling illegible names on old grocery bags in sharpie. This kind of wrapping is not intended for mother's with a lot of children, or mothers on a budget. This kind of wrapping looks all eco-friendly and minimalist, and you might assume you have these supplies laying around, but it's expensive and it's a pain in the ass. And yet, I'm sitting here feeling like a bum mother because my gifts will be wrapped in cheap, mix-matched wrapping paper, and the gifts our family sent from Amazon aren't getting wrapped. I just put them under the tree in their brown Amazon box. Sorry family.

I don't have an eloquent way of wrapping up this mess of a post. I needed to write it out, and I know I didn't have to hit 'publish', but I did and it felt good. I think this was my post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas, mid-chicken pox meltdown. Tomorrow will be better.

Just watch the first 60 seconds. 

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BethAnn said...

You are amazing! Thanks for the vent post. I love writing and reading these!

Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not. said...

"My legs are too princess for this." BAHAHAHAHA!!! Sounds like something my little princess would say despite the well-rounded nature of her toys :)

KelseyB said...

Great post!! Ok not great for you, but great for other mamas like myself that just want to scream on some days!! And chicken pox!!! good lord! I hope she is feeling better!!

Jennifer said...

Don't get me started on anti-vaxers.

As a happy medium to Pinterest-y wrapping and my usual Target/Dollar Store mish mash, this year I am doing the Santa presents in wrapping paper that's a little thicker and made to look like butcher paper but isn't actually butcher paper - it has simple prints but isn't garish like most XMas paper, and presents from us in my typical paper. I got all of the supplies for $12 or so and I like that it looks different enough that it could plausibly be from the magical shop at the North Pole.

(By the way, I only have half as many kids as you and I feel like I barely have time to wrap presents at all, so I think it's amazing that you even consider these things).

Jessica Orlowicz said...

Jennifer, we wrap Santa presents differently too. It's actually one of my favorite parts - choosing he Santa gifts ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. And I sooo do the mismatched wrapping paper!

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